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Exhibition Call from the Yellow Earth – Paintings and Prints by Weimin He was held during 12 – 19 December 2012 in the Sinolink Gallery, Oxford.

This exhibition displayed over thirty pieces of the artists’ recent works produced in Shanbei, China and in Oxford. The aim of the show was to raise fund for a farmer’s son Wu Jiangwei, who suffered from renal failure and urgently needed kidney transplant. Wu comes from a small village called Nihegou of the Jia County near the Yellow River, it is one of the least developed areas in China.

The exhibition was proposed by DPhil candidate Wenjing Zhang, Institute of Education of the London University. The owners of the Sinolink Gallery kindly offered their space for free; The show was invigilated by a group of voluntary students organized by the Oxford Chinese Scholars and Students Association (OXCSSA). The fundraising event was largely supported by the Oxford Times, BBC Radio Oxford, publics in Oxford, Chinese students in Oxford and alumni of Oxford University in China, as well as a Christian community in Shenzhen, China.

The fundraising activity has raised about 120,000 RMB (12,000 pounds) and parts of the funds were transferred to the patient’s family account directly from China. The entire fund was transferred to Wu’s family just before the operation took place on 31 December 2012, when Wu Jiangwei had his kidney transplanted and the operation went smoothly. Wu’s brother said, his family is deeply touched by people’s kindness and generosity, especially those in England. He wishes everyone be blessed.

Here Weimin wishes to thank these people whole kindly helped to save a life in China in varies ways:

Jiang Yan, Ping’an Group,Shenzhen, China

Dr Yun Ming and Yan Jixia, Sinolink Gallery, Oxford

Sylvia Vetta, freelance writer in Oxford

Jia Tiantian, DPhil University of Oxford

Fang Linhao, DPhil  University of Oxford

Joe Winkelman, PPRE

Jane  & Simon Mollison Artist and scholar

Mr and Mrs Allbrooke

Drs J&H Leonard

Andrew Lawson,Artist

Gordon Aldrick Alumnus of the University of Oxford

Andrew Seton,University of Oxford

Anne Payton, artist of Oxfordshire

Jane Hames historian, writer

Mr and Mrs Sosser

Ms Diane Wiles

Ms Diana L Cox

Luke Titley Illustrator

Ian & Veronica Dudley, scholars

Ms Helen Ganly, Artist in Oxford

Ms Linda Arch, Oxford University Estates

T A Watt

Ms Bridget Maier

Dr Andrew Topsfield, the Ashmolean Museum

Dr He Jianyu, Tsinghua University

Dr Lin Wanlon, China Agricultural University

Prof You Fusheng, Xi’an Forth Military Medical University

Dr Wen Ru, Northwest University, Xi’an, China

Ms Wenjing Zhang, London University

Ms Aimin Hill, St Barnabas Press, Cambridge

Dr Jiang Yini, Guangdong Provincial School of the CPC, China

Ms Zhang Xi, Oxford University Alumnus

Ms Du Xuan, Oxford University

Ms H M Grace, Oxford

Mr Weng Laiyi, Oxford University

Mr Ye Tianyu, Oxford University

Mr Zhang Yulin, Oxford University

Mr Zhao Keke, Oxford University

Ms Jasmine Lin, Diligence Capital, Canada

Ms Tess Situ, Oxford

Prof David Barker, London Muban Educational Trust

Dr Tongyu Zhou, Manchester University

Ms Jin Tinghe, London University

Mr Berni Fetzer, Fetzer Gallery, Germany

Mr Pete Lawrence RE SWE, Oxford Designers & Illustrators

Mr Allen Fatimaha, artist

Lucy Howard

Gill Oliver



There are other people who kindly donated anonymously, I wish to express my gratitude to all these people who helped to save a life.  For details of the fundraising exhibition, please send email to:




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Exhibition: Call from the Yellow Earth

Paintings and Woodblock Prints by Weimin He

An Exhibition to Help Save a Life of Youth in China

Preview: Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

5.30 pm - 8.00 pm

 Exhibition dates: 13 - 19 December, 2012

Opening hours: 10 am - 5.30 pm (Monday - Saturday)

Sinolink Gallery, 11 St Clement's Steet Oxford OX4 1AB Tel: 01865 790 825


Special thanks to Dr. Yun Ming and Ms. Yan Juxia for their kind offer of free use of  the Sinolink Gallery and all their generous support. Apologies for the error in the article: ‘Artist’s prints may save life’, Oxford Mail (Monday 26 November, 2012) 


wu jiangwei

The young man who are brave facing the real life!


Wu Jiangwei, 24, works for a mining company in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, has suffered renal failure recently and needs a kidney transplant soon. A farmers' home would be impossible to afford 200,000 RMB (about £20,000) operation fee (although a small contribution will be given by his company). I have been knowing the family since 2010 and am willing to help raise fund to help save Jiangwei's life. His mother volunterily donates one of her kidneys if it is the right match. I wish to sell my work with 20 percent discount during the show. I believe every little help will make difference and could save a life of youth in China!